Piraeus major loading dock construction completed

Construction of the car terminal loading dock at the Neo Ikonio area of the main Greek port of Piraeus is has been completed and will be inaugurated in September.

The completion was attested by managing directors Giorgos Anomeritis of the Port Authority of Piraeus (OLP) and Kostas Spiliopoulos of ErgOSE (Hellenic Railways’ large projects subsidiary) who visited the site with administrative and technical staff from both organisations and from Aktor construction company, which built the dock.

The project is part of an agreement between OSE (Hellenic Railways) and OLP to construct a 17-km rail line linking the Thriassio Valley area with the facilities of Chinese-owned container company Cosco in Neo Ikonio, and feed into the national railway network as well. The project aims longterm at raising Piraeus’ profile as a trade hub in the Mediterranean and Europe.

The railroad, which was completed in February, will begin operation once the dock is inaugurated in September. It will be used to convey goods and cars among OLP, the Cosco terminal in Piraeus, and Thriassio, cutting down significantly on overland travel and facilitating trade with the Balkans and Europe.

With this project, the PPA and its subsidiary, Logistics SA, are expected to operate in yet another dynamic sector of the port industry.

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