Shipping: Greeks invest USD 358 mln in vessel acquisitions in January 2013

S&P activity statistics compiled by Golden Destiny show that Greek owners were particularly active in the secondhand market during the month of January 2013.

Greeks invested a total of USD 358.35 million, acquiring 23 vessels in total (1.750.061 dwt). The largest part of their investment involved deals for bulk carriers. Nine bulkers were bought by Greek players in the first month of the year, setting them back USD 131.35 million in total (598.839 dwt). Containeship acquisitions came in second place of preference with a total of six units snapped up by Greeks secondhand for a total of USD 112.8 million (396.559 dwt). USD 84.2 million were invested in the acquisition of five tanker vessels (647.020) while Greek buyers also went for a total of three liners for USD 30 million (107.643 dwt).

In comparison to the previous month (Dec. 2012), there was a 12.5 pct increase in deals involving bulkers while tanker acquisitions dropped 44.44%. In January 2013, five vessels more than the previous month went to Greek companies.

Total S&P activity for January was up 12.77 pct compared to December 2012 with a total of 106 units sold for USD 1.28 billion.